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About Michigan Photographer, Kathy Woods Booth


Most of my adult life I've had a camera in my hand.   The joy I get from taking pictures and sharing them is beyond words.  Michigan is a beautiful place to live and photographing that beauty is my absolute passion.    Now I am an Award-winning Nature and Wildlife Photographer and a Birds and Blooms Magazine Field Editor.  Saginaw is my hometown and I especially love to "spotlight" the unseen beauty of that area.  Michigan has so many beautiful places to see and experience.  Nature is full of so many beautiful surprises. You never have to look too far.    My goal is to photograph what I see in the field and share my adventures with you... through my lens. 


** I am a Birds and Blooms Magazine Field Editor


Feel free to follow me on:

Instagram:  kathy_woods_booth_photography (there is an _ between each word)

Facebook:  kathy woods booth photography



"A photograph can be an instant of life captured for eternity that 

will never cease looking back at you!"  (Brigitte Bardot)

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