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This beautiful duck created a lot of excitement when it arrived and for a number of weeks while it was at Shiawassee National Wildlife Refuge.   As a photographer he was a "must see" and photograph duck.  He wasn't supposed to be here.  He made a wrong turn somewhere along his migration.  His normal home should be South America and Western North America.  I went out 3 times to find him.  The first time it was extremely cold and windy and he, along with most of the other waterfowl, was hunkered down in protected areas.  The other 2 times I found him and he was quite a little poser.  He strutted his stuff just like the other ducks did.  I felt very blessed to be able to shoot so many pictures and be able to share them with you!

Bald Eagle Family

A tender moment in the nest between an Eaglet and it's parent.  I never tire of watching these majestic birds.   It is a privilege and joy to witness the routines, parenting and growth.   Parenting instincts aren't that different.   There are tender moments, funny moments and down to business moments.  

Cinnamon Teal Duck

Welcome to my Blog

I plan to share adventures, information, tidbits and whatever else I think you would enjoy from my experiences in the field so keep checking back.  

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