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I am award-winning nature & wildlife photographer, Kathy Woods Booth. It's my pleasure to share the beauty of Michigan with you, through my lens.

My true passion is to share the spirit of Michigan with you, through my lens. My adventures take me throughout our gorgeous state year-round. I focus on nature and wildlife, and devote my energy to documenting the wonder that blesses me.

I am a native Michigander, a Birds and Blooms Field Editor, a photographer at the annual Heart of the City event in Saginaw, and I love this beautiful state of ours! My photography has garnered interest and won awards worldwide, but my favorite pieces are the ones you have in your homes. 

I shoot all over Michigan, but there’s a special place in my heart for the rugged shoreline of Lake Superior, and around my home in the Great Lakes Bay area. Most people recognize my photos of vibrant sunrises and sunsets, and reflective moments on the waters of Michigan. I have learned incredible patience to capture the character of the wildlife I encounter – from graceful herons to playful foxes. My goal, always, is to make the viewer of my work feel that they are in my shoes, in that moment, seeing what I see through my lens.

I have authored three books: Bountiful Beauty and Majestic Michigan are filled with my photography and inspiration from Michigan's great outdoors. If you need a gift for a child in your life, check out Feathered Fledglings! It's an excellent and fun educational book full of my photos and stories about each bird. Check out the shop to purchase!

With one photograph at a time, I want to inspire my viewers to stop, breathe in the moment, and maybe even venture out to explore Michigan on their own.

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Various, worldwide awards from:

Pixoto Photography Community

Nature’s Best Photography

Nature World

Wildlife & Nature Photography

Wildlife Photography Worldwide

Women in Wildlife Photography

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