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A Common Loon struts it's stuff in the morning sunlight in Ogemaw County, MI

Holding the rays of departing Sun

In the tips of flattering wings,

We start our long long run

In search of life's vibes and swings !

(The beautiful words of Nirmal S.)

Thanks for visiting!

My true passion is to capture and share the spirit of Michigan with you... through my lens.    My adventures take me around Michigan year round.   I  focus on nature and wildlife and  devote my energy to documenting the wonder that blesses me. 

See Something You'd Love?

Simply send me an e-mail!  All of my photos are able to be CUSTOMIZED TO A VARIETY OF MEDIUMS!

IF YOU ARE IN THE LOCAL AREA, please reach out to me before placing your order and I will try to make delivery arrangements with you. Thank you so much!

* Please note that you do not need a PayPal account to order.  All major credit and debit cards are accepted.

The Epoch  Times  article on the Full Beaver Moon eclipse (click on image)

Check out my Pixoto site by clicking on the Common Loon

Detroit Free Press Article on Bay City, Michigan's Blue Ice (click on image)

"If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere."

What you are saying about my photography...

"You have the EYE for capturing images that evoke the 

spirit!" ~ Char R.

"You capture amazing pictures from around MI,  you have an eye for these. They bring so many feelings of joy,  happiness,  amazement, dreamy,  wonder,  peace and calm.. thank you!!!"  ~ Debra S.

"When I look at your photos they give me so much hope for mankind."  ~ Narcie E.

"Spectacular!  No words.  Took my breath away!"  ~ Elizabeth M.

"That is beyond description.  Beautiful!!"  ~ Thayer R.

"Beautiful!  Could look at that all day long."  ~ Debbie B.

"So still and pleasant.  Nice job on capturing the serenity."  ~ Mary W.

"You have great vision & ability to capture it.. The mirror effects are gorgeous."  ~ Dani R.

"This picture is like a prayer, serenity, beauty, color, peace and thanksgiving. Amen"  ~ Kathryn K.

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