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Cygnets: Fluff Balls & Feathers

Enjoying the Moment With Cygnets

Trumpeter Swans, Bay City Wetlands, Bay City, Michigan

Each spring, I look forward to observing Cygnets – baby swans! These little fluff balls are the cutest things to watch. They remind me of toddlers, waddling around and making mischief.

Cygnet Trumpeter Swan

I will spend hours watching, capturing moods, actions, and reactions. It’s difficult not to laugh out loud at these little creatures’ antics. They have a delightful awkwardness as they learn to swim, stretch their wings in strengthening exercises, and mastering the art of eating vegetation. At times, I’ll have an internal dialogue playing out, like little conversation bubbles over the Cygnets as I watch.

The adult Swans keep a watchful eye nearby, but allow their offspring to explore. Nature is absolutely amazing! These Cygnets have an innate sense of safety – never wandering too far from their parents. Like toddlers, though, once one does something, they all need to check it out!

Cygnet and adult trumpeter swans

These goofy little birds always bring me so much joy, and I consider it a blessing to be allowed to observe these Trumpeter Swan families grow each year.

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