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On Sunrises

Updated: Jul 11

On Sunrises: Reflecting on the Pre-Dawn Stillness

Sunrises, various Michigan locations

There’s a stillness to the pre-dawn hour as the night creatures tuck in for the night, and the day creatures stretch awake. It’s serene, as if the sun is slowly inhaling, before sighing and rising. The crescendo of bird chatter tells us that the sun is approaching the horizon.


The sunrise is a constant in the ever-changing ways of nature. Each day brings new colors, songs, and designs.

As the sun rises, so do the sounds of the birds – their chatter intensifies, swans honk and line up and turn eastward to greet the sun. When the sun crests, their song grows the loudest, as if to greet the day in an excited salute.

Male Sandhill crane readying to leap

If you sit quietly enough during a sunrise, you feel as though you belong to it. The wildlife around you acknowledges your presence and trusts you to be respectful of the symphony unfolding around you.

To see more photos, visit my gallery here.

Live wildly,


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